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Five Decades Later is a newsletter about photography, creativity, and technology. I write about my artistic growth, focused on photography, art, and anything related to this trade.

I'm a visual artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I utilize drawing in digital and traditional mediums to complement and enhance my photography work.

I'm originally from Uruguay, and I lived there until 1990 when my dreams of seeing more of the world became a reality. For 14 years, I travelled to and lived in many places until arriving in the beautiful country of Canada in 2004, where I decided to settle. 

If you want to know more about me and my work, visit these sites:

Pedro Design Space
Art Is Culture
Five Decades Later

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A photography and art journey


I’m a visual artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have been an active photographer since 2008 and a drawing artist working in digital and traditional mediums.